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A Holistic Approach to Beautiful, healthy Skin


Enjoy the comfort and safety of your own home as Antonina, owner of Fountain of Youth Spa, provides you with her expertise. This will include a consult with your views of your skin based upon explanation and findings, several protocols and options in your skin care regimen including, nutrition, organic skin care protocols for home care.
Includes cleanser, toner and moisturizer in (Jute bag) starter kit at no additional charge.
     $75.00 - Up to 1 hour
     (time varies depending on each individuals concern but not to extend one hour limit)


NEW** 30 Minute Facial - $30.00
Enjoy a brief introduction to our European organic facial. Includes skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, mask and moisturizer. (Extractions not included)
     $30.00 - 30 minutes

NEW** The Spa Bundle
Enjoy a spa get away with all the necessary services included in this joyful bundle. A relaxing European Spa Facial, Eye brow and lip wax, foot and hand massage.
     $155.00 - 90 minutes

Eminence Organic Facial
These customized facials are chemical free and have only the finest ingredients combined for beautiful healthy skin care. Because each facial is customized it is nearly impossible to quote a facial until the day of your appointment when we examine your skin. Facials begins at $125.00 and may go up to $150...depending on skin condition, length of time spent with each client or extractions time needed with specific skin type. These facials can provide amazing benefits for: Rosacea, Acne, Eczema, Anti-aging, Pigmentation and so much more. Each client will have a specific plan. Your Skin Care Therapist can assess your skin type or condition at the time of your appointment and consult.

Signature Facial
Would you like wonderful feeling smooth skin texture without the fuss of the complete time of a facial? Are you in a hurry to go back to work and have only a few minutes on your lunch break? If you answered yes to these questions you are the perfect candidate for this facial. Get the benefits of smooth skin with deep exfoliation with our Signature treatment. Deep exfoliation natural Glycolic Treatment. This treatment is recommended for mature, fatigued, pigmented skin.
     It is followed up for an average of 6 weeks once week.
     $50.00 - 30 minutes
     $175.00 - Pre-paid package of 6 and save!

Collagen Facials-add on to regular facial
Do you want your skin to have a fine healthy plump appearance to it without the use out harsh chemicals? You may want to try our Collagen Facial. This facial will help you get the benefits you are looking for. For the younger looking you!. It will give you the ultimate hydration that your skin needs.
     $40.00 - Add on to any regular priced facial

Facial Consults
Not sure of which facial you like? Make an appointment for a consult with our Skin Care Specialist to examine your skin. She will review your concerns and discuss what you will need for your skin care plan.
     $25.00 - 30 minutes

Purely Ageless Facial by Shir-Organic
A wonderful facial that contains all natural and organic anti-aging ingredients which help to stimulate cell regeneration, strengthen, hydrate and defend the skin against environmental damage. It will plump the skin and help slow the aging process. Saturated with Phto-nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and proteins. For firmer, younger-looking skin, which radiates a healthy glow.
     $115.00 - Duration 90 minutes

Sea-Weed Multi-Derma Facial
Two powerful ingredients combined into one unique treatment! Seaweed has a molecular structure that is similar to human plasma. It has a unique opportunity to penetrate and assimilate human skin. It is rich in amino acids, polysaccharides and an array of vitamins. It has a remarkable effect in hydrating and detoxifying the skin as well. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen and seaweed hydrates; together to form a combination that nourishes as well as enhances the appearance of your skin.. With this combination you will find detoxification, elasticity, and hydration at its best! It is the perfect combination for healthy skin!
     $120.00 - 90 minutes

Glycolic Treatment
(For use on non-sensitive skin)
This treatment can reduce fine lines, loosen and remove accumulated dead skin cells, clears pores and prevents the formation of white heads and blackheads on oily skin. It is also good for normalizing and lightening pigmentation caused by sun and hormones. For use on oily and non-sensitive skin.      Repeat for 6-8 weeks for best results. $40.00 add on to any facial of your choice.

Our Basic European Facial
Suited for all skin types with our other Organic skin line by Shir-Organic. This facial includes facial massage, extractions, deep cleansing, and massage of the décolleté area and shoulders for increased stimulation of your lymphatic system.
     $85.00 - 60 minutes

Teen Facial
Although we highly recommended our Organic facials for our teens and proper diet at times we may have commodones and acne that are stubborn and we like to give our clients a chance to have a choice of products they can use as their skin care regimen. This is why we include our rejuvi line which gives fabulous results. In this treatment we include extractions, deep cleanse, and galvanic frequency to rid bacteria on your skin to begin the healing process. You also leave with a customized skin care regimen until we meet on our next visit.
     60 minutes beginning at $85.00 depending on clients specific needs

Our Hormonal Aging Facial
Has aging disrupted your hormones? Do you feel like you are getting acne, commodones, and dull skin all over? The hormonal facial is for you! Our Eminence skin care line has a wonderful treatment "Eight Greens Hormonal Aging" Facial. You will be amazed at the difference this facial can provide you with. A youthful look without the youthful concerns!
     $125.00 - 75 minutes

Clarifying Back Facial
This wonderful back facial is for men and women. The deep cleansing is sure to clear your clogged pores and will help to reduce the bacteria and breakouts which is sometimes hard to reach. Includes-exfoliation, extractions, slight massage and mask.
     $75.00 - 60 minutes

Our wax is 100% Organic

Full Face - $45.00
Eyebrows - $15.00 (waxing only)
Tweezing and Shaping - $20.00
Upper Lip or Chin - $15.00
Full Arms - $45.00
Under Arms - $20.00
Full leg and Bikini - $100.00
Stomach (Full) - $25.00
Stomach (Small area only by belly button) - $10.00
Men's chest - $45.00 and up
Men's Back - $55.00 and up

NOTE: Prices may increase due to length of hair.


Foot Detox
This ionic foot bath is a highly effective way to eliminate toxins, cleanse and balance your body.
     $50.00 - Per 40 minute session
     Purchase six sessions and save $60.00 at $40.00 per visit

Ear Candling
A specially designed candle used to draw out wax and impurities in the ear.
     $30.00 - Duration of time about 30 minutes for two ears.
     (additional candles may carry an extra charge)

Rain Drop Therapy
A healing aromatherapy slight touch session, focus is on the back, spinal column, shoulders and feet. A variety of essential oils and towels are used for healing and relaxation.


Eye Lash Tinting - $75.00


Bridal Make-up - $100.00 (includes consult)
Mother of the Bride - $65.00 and up
Brides Maids - $60.00 and up
Teen Make-up and Lesson - $50.00
Beautifying Evening Make-over - $50.00
Prom Make-Over - $75.00 (includes free consult)

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